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I am thinking about putting on some teleclasses or podcasts in the evening. If you were to attend a Nurse Entrepreneur class which topic would be of the most interest to you?
Getting Started as a Nurse Entrepreneur
Sales and Marketing Made Easy for Nursepreneurs
Social Media for Nurse Entrepreneurs
Creating Passive Revenue

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    Beth Woodward, Marketing On The Playground
    Beth Woodward, Marketing On The Playground

    DOWNLOAD: Beth Woodward's Teleforum is available for downloading

    Printer-Friendly Format

    If you're a member and you missed Beth Woodward's "Marketing on the Playground" Teleforum on March 3, 2005, you can download the MP3 audio file and listen to the teleforum at your convenience.

    Click here to go to the Download Library

    To locate the teleforum file for downloading, click on the above link or click on Download Library in the Departments section in the left navigation panel. The teleforum is listed in the Download Library as 3-3-05 - Beth Woodward MP3.

    Listen to this inspiring, idea packed interview now!

    Marketing On The Playground

    Printer-Friendly Format
    ·  Beth Woodward's Teleforum on "Marketing on the Playground" - Marketing help for Nurse Entrepreneurs - Nursepreneurs
    ·  Turn Your Passion into Business and Marketing Success

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     Portal Testimonials

    LeaRae, I want to thank you for extending your laser sharp focus, expertise, and compassion to me during our first complimentary coaching session! The value of what you provided me in such a short time you can not put a price on! You turned my confusion, self-doubt, and concern into actionable steps, clarity, and excitement. Your service has helped get me un-stuck and one step closer to fulfilling my passion.
    Lisbeth Overton, Edina, MN

    Yesterday we had a fruitful MasterMind session with LeaRae and others. There is plenty that you can learn from joining her MasterMind group. Start up mistakes can be costly and time consuming. You will be happy to avoid them.
    Joyce Fiodembo, Brookpark, OH

    MasterMind calls with LeaRae have been and continue to be an inspiration and a true gift to Nurse Entrepreneurs who have a strong desire to succeed.
    Mary Pat DeWald, Evergreen, CO

    Thanks LeaRae for the complimentary coaching session. Your reassurance meant a lot to me. I have more confidence knowing that my business venture is viable. Thanks for the tips you gave me and more importantly, thanks for your time.

    Joyce Fiodembo, RN
    Brookpark, OH
    International Nurse Support

    I want to let you know how much I value your articles. I consider them priceless with the wealth of tips, advice & information they provide. I have to tear myself away from reading them so I can focus on implementing what I have learned. My goal is to eventually read all 494 issues.

    Also, thank-you so very much for the complimentary coaching session we had Wednesday. You made excellent suggestions that I am now incorporating into my business strategies.

    Laura M. Rouse RN, BSN, LNC, CRNI
    Specialty Infusion Services L.L.C.

    This email is to thank you for your website and for the help you have been for me personally.

    When I started my website, I thought I had a good idea, and I tried to do everything at once. After my free consultation with you, I focused on building my list, as you recommended. In the process of doing that, I kept adding content, and creating "give aways" to encourage people to sign up.

    I actually got somewhat discouraged for awhile, but then one day I got a call from a man who owned a company that sells supplies to home health and hospice agencies. He said you had referred me to him. When he looked at my website with all its content, he called me back and said, "You are the perfect person for me."

    So, now I am doing just what I had intended to do with my website, from home, working for this company. I am salaried, plus I get part of any service or product that I helped develop.

    I am amazed by how this has all fallen together! Thank you, LeaRae, for your advice and for your referral. Now I am doing just what I want to be doing. I am working from home as a nurse.

    Sue Hull, RN, MSN, CWOCN
    Aberdeen, WA

    What an awesome resource you are! Thank you for the work you do and share. This is such an empowering site, and provides a launch pad for those of us just trying to find a means of beginning.

    April Hopkins-Freeman
    Louisville, NE

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It was a pleasure speaking with you today, and our conversation was most insightful. I'm so happy you are there. I will keep in touch. Keep up the great work!

    Stephanie Johnson
    Nursing Staff Solutions
    Lake Balboa, CA

    LeaRae, thank you for [the MasterMind group] and to everyone else for sharing of yourselves and your visions! You each are an inspiration and I just love the fact that opportunity abounds for us to be successful in our chosen profession.

    Mary Pat DeWald
    Evergreen, CO

    I had the benefit of one on one with LeaRae, and the information exchanged was exciting, intriguing, as well as educational. What a wonderful teacher. LeaRae allows you the freedom to brainstorm and encourages new thoughts. She is not afraid of unusual or different ideas. Everything you might expect in an entrepreneur. I would strongly encourage others to join the forums, but also take part of the community she is building.

    I think she is a wonderful coach and her web site is a reflection of that. Thank you LeaRae! Stellar job!

    Claire Hull, RN,CCM,CLNC
    Cary NC

    I absolutely love your site.

    Dr. Donna Hebbeler, FNP
    Anchorage, AK

    "Wow! Whoopee! and Thank you! LeaRae, my coaching session with you was everything I wanted and needed. I had been spinning my wheels with regard to my business interests, leaving me both frustrated and weary. In a matter of minutes, you lifted my spirits, opened my eyes and got me thinking about my mission in a new light. Thank you for helping me change my focus. I no longer feel like I'm in a mental quagmire. My hat is off to you as a coach as well as to the Nurse-Entrepreneur-Network for all the information and support it gives to the enterprising person in all of us."

    Cynthia Conklin, RN
    Sharon, CT

    "I talked to you this summer, and wanted to let you know how progress is going... You gave me alot of encouragement, and I wanted to let you know that even tho it is slow, [my legal nurse consulting] business is starting to build.  I just completed my first entire case review, did 1 sub-contracting with possible testifying, and am now on my 2nd case as testifying expert and will testify.  I emailed approximately 70 attorneys in the past 2 weeks, and the case I am now working on came from the emailing, and I hope that an attorney that responded is not scared off with my fee schedule.  I hope that I will hear from more of the attorneys that I emailed and mailed out my packets to.  Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer that it works.  I am really hoping that I can get this flying, so that I can spend more time at home with the kids.
    I wanted to thank you for your encouragement, and please post this on your site if it is possible, as you have done a world of good for me."

    Beth Trussell RN, CLNC
    Akron, OH

     "LeaRae Keyes is a world-class life coach I have been blessed to know since 2003.  She is a warm, perceptive, genuine professional, with an exceptional gift for motivating others.  Her approach seems quite effortless, yet it has been refined through years of experience and learning.  She is a true pleasure.  She is an inspiration in what she has achieved in her own life, and by her own example..."

    Catherine Bobenhausen
    New York, NY

    "I'm so glad I found the Nurse Entrepreneur Network!  LeaRae always has great ideas to share with other "Nursepreneurs."  I recently finished the teleclass "Get Clients Now!" and I have to say that it was the most motivational and informative program I've done.
    Just starting out in my business as an LNC, this program help me set goals and keep me organized.  It also kept me accountable to my peers in the group each week.  LeaRae is so insightful and has wonderful experience to draw from for those of us who are beginning our dream of being nurse entrepreneurs.
    I would highly recommend ANYONE who is just starting their business, or even someone who's been in business awhile and feels like they're in a lull to take this class.  They won't regret it!"
    Danielle D. Shapiro, RN, BSN, CMSRN, LNC
    Shapiro Medical Legal Consulting
    Las Vegas, NV

    Following a free complimentary coaching session: "Thank you for taking the time to address my concerns and questions regarding marketing techniques. Your keen insight into the art of becoming a successful nursepreneur is so valuable and helpful even to those of us who have been practicing as independents for years! I enjoy reading your weekly tips and have used them in promoting my business. You have given me the confidence to market my business, my services and myself with ease."

    Kathleen Loeffler, RN, Legal Nurse Consultant
    Medical Litigation Consulting Services
    Carlsbad CA